Proposed Design Team Timeline

January 1, 2019 

New Michigan Conference corporation entity and fiscal year begins

Area Health Care Plan begins implementation

July 1, 2018 

Multiple implementations

  • Treasurers Staff fully transitioned to area center and operational in anticipation of 1 -1 19 changeover to MI Area financial books
  • New Full Cabinet begins [already implemented]
  • New district alignments begin, along with any district apportionment changes. (6 month allocations for 2018?)
  • Changes of district superintendents for realigned districts
  • One Director of Connectional Ministries phases in as is feasible
  • One “Clergy Excellence” program staff phases in as is feasible
  • New program/exempt staff team begins (or 7/01/2019) as is feasible
  • Administrative Assistant/non-exempt positions phase in as is applicable

June, 2018

  • Move into the newly completed Area Ministry Center
  • Approve newly incorporated Michigan Area
  • Joint Annual Conference session for final votes:
    • Final structure, rules of order, business plan, organizational plan, 2019 budget, nominating report, etc.

April 15, 2018

  • Final legislation posted to website.

Fall ‘17-Spring ’18

  • Design Team continues to work on and monitor the multiple details

January, 2018

  • Area Health Care Plan is determined

Fall ’17 & Winter ‘18

  • Determination of  various director level positions who will begin 7/1/18; Interviews for exempt staff positions

Fall 2017

  • Listening/presentation sessions on final proposals

Fall of 2017

  • Conference Leadership Team in collaboration with Design Team and Conference Finance and Administration draft 2019 Area Budget

Fall 2017

  • New staffing details and job descriptions made public (or later)

Summer 2017

  • Continued discussion of staffing models with existing staff & implications; staff feedback,  individual conversations

June, 2017 

  • 2017 Annual Conference at Grand Traverse Resort take action on as many Design Team components as possible, including Area Healthcare (as allowed by law) & funding of the construction of  the expansion/plan for Area Ministry Center

April 15, 2017

  • Plan of Organization, Rules of Order, Personnel related policy material & any Joint Distributing Committee (JDC) related items, Protection Policy, etc. posted to the website

April 6, 2017

  • Design Team meets

March 15, 2017

  • Finalized Plan of organization & staffing model reviewed with conference staff

March 2, 2017

  • Design Team meets

Jan. – March, 2017

  • Revisions and final editing of plan of organization by Design Team

February 1, 2017

  • Deadline for email feedback on Listening Session material presented

January 17, 2017

  • Listening Session: Area Ministry Center, Lansing (webcast)

January 1, 2017

  • New Area terms begin for Treasurer, Conference Secretary, Benefits Officer & their teams

Fall of 2016 

  • Conference Leadership Team continues collaboration and begins to shape the 2018 & 2019 Budgets in consultation with Conference Finance and Administration

November, 2016

  • Four Listening Sessions: 11/12/16 Marquette; 11/19/16 Southfield Hope; 11/17/16 Cornerstone UMC (Live Stream) 1/17/17 Area Ministry Center, Lansing & Adobe Connect

November 11, 2016

  • Drafts of material are posted to the website.

November 9, 2016

  • Design Team meeting to finalize Listening Tour presentation and format

October 17, 2016

  • West MI and Detroit Conference Leadership Team meet in combined session

October 4, 2016

  • Design Team meets to further refine Listening Tour Concepts: structure, director level staff outline, CFA apportionment formula,

Fall of 2016 

  • On-going discussion of staffing concepts with existing staff

September, 2016

  • Conference Finance and Administration Task Force meets to determine apportionment formula and refine staffing
  • Area Personnel Committee meets to review feedback from Design Team & staff.

September 13, 2016

  • Detroit Staff & District Administrative Assistants meet with Personnel Committee to Review draft of incentives/transitions steps outline

September 12, 2016  

  • West MI Staff & District Administrative Assistants meet with Personnel Committee incentives/transitions steps outline

September 12, 2016

  • Conference Finance and Administration Task Force meets to refine apportionment formula & staffing model

September 1, 2016

  • Goal Date for Area Personnel Committee to complete incentives/transitions steps outline

Bishop Bard begins & Design Team meets

Summer 2016

  • Plan of organization concepts are developed by Design Team Structure Task Force; Conference Finance and Administration Task Force, Area Personnel Committee & Clergy Excellence Teams meet.

August 16, 2016

  • Design Team Executive Team met and reviewed executive staffing concepts and area office construction steps

August 15, 2016

  • Design Team Chairpersons meet with Area Center Trustees to review “next steps toward construction”

August 11, 2016

  • Draft Human Resource Policy Material is provided to Conference Chancellors

August 9, 2016

  • Clergy Excellence Task Force met to outline this new position.

August 1, 2016

  • Concepts of staff spaces needed at the Area Center were provided to Area Trustees

July 15, 2016 

  • Draft of Human Resource Policy Material is circulated among the Area Personnel Committee

June, 2016 

  • Annual Conference approved enabling motions and elected, Treasurer, Secretary, & Statistician